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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Exterior-Releasing Herbs

  1. Wind-Cold-Dispersing Herbs
  2. Wind-Heat-Dispersing Herbs

Heat-Clearing Herbs

  1. Heat-Clearing and Fire-Purging Herbs
  2. Heat-Clearing and Dampness-Drying Herbs
  3. Heat-Clearing and toxicity-Removing Herbs
  4. Heat-Clearing and Blood-cooling Herbs
  5. Deficiency-Heat-Clearing Herbs

Purgative Herbs

  1. Offensive Purgatives
  2. Laxatives
  3. Drastic Hydragogues

Wind-Damp-Dispelling Herbs

  1. Wind-Damp-Dispelling and Pain-Alleviating Herbs
  2. Wind-Damp-Dispelling, tendons-Soothing and Collaterals-Activating Herbs
  3. Wind-Damp-Dispelling and Tendons-Bone-Strengthening Herbs

Damp-Resolving Herbs

  1. Damp-Resolving Herbs

Damp-Excreting Herbs

  1. Edema-Alleviating Diuretics
  2. Stranguria-Relieving Diuretics
  3. Damp-Excreting Anti-Icteric Herbs

Interior-Warming Herbs

  1. Interior-Warming Herbs

Qi-Moving Herbs

  1. Qi-Moving Herbs

Digestant Herbs

  1. Digestant Herbs

Vermifugal Herbs

  1. Vermifugal Herbs


  1. Blood-Cooling Hemostatics
  2. Stasis-Resolving Hemostatics
  3. Astringent Hemostatics
  4. Meridian-Warming Hemostatics

Blood-Activating and Stasis-Resolving Herbs

  1. Blood-Activating Analgesics
  2. Blood-Activating and Menstruation-Regulating Herbs
  3. Blood-Activating and Trauma-Curing Herbs
  4. Blood-Activating and Mass-Eliminating Herbs

Phlegm-Resolving Herbs

  1. Cold-Phlegm-Warming and Resolving Herbs
  2. Heat-Phlegm-Clearing and Resolving Herbs
  3. Antitussive and Antiasthmatic Herbs

Liver-Pacifying and Yang-Subduing Herbs

  1. Liver-Pacifying and Yang-Subduing Herbs

Wind-Extinguishing and Spasm-Stopping Herbs

  1. Wind-Extinguishing and Spasm-Stopping Herbs

Tranquilizing Herbs

  1. Tranquilizing Herbs

Resuscitative Herbs

  1. Resuscitative Herbs


  1. Qi Tonics
  2. Yang Tonics
  3. Blood Tonics
  4. Yin Tonics


  1. Superficies-Strengthening Anhidrotics
  2. Intestine-Astringing and Diarrhea-Checking Herbs
  3. Essence-Securing, Urination-Reducing and Leukorrhagia-Stopping Herbs


  1. Emetics

Herbs for Toxin-Counteracting, Parasites-Killing and Itch-Relieving

  1. Herbs for Toxin-Counteracting, Parasites-Killing and Itch-Relieving

Putridity-Resolving and Wound-Healing Herbs

  1. Putridity-Resolving and Wound-Healing Herbs