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Chang Ye Dan Shen

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Chang Ye Dan Shen (Herba Salviae Ligulilobae)


The drug is the dried whole herb of Salvia liguliloba Sun. (Family Labiatae), growing on the edge of forests, on hillsides, along roadsides or on grass lands, and distributed in Anhui and Zhejiang of China.

  1. 长叶丹参
  2. Herba Salviae Ligulilobae

The Effect of Chang Ye Dan Shen


Pungent, slightly warm; liver meridian entered.


Whole herb is used to activate the blood, remove blood stasis, activate the channels and collaterals, for the treatment of arthralgia, lumbago, menstrual disorder, leucorrhea, etc.

Dosage and Administrations

Decoct 18~30 g.