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First, my email:

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As more and more people email me seeking for Chinese herb treatment, I think I should spend time to write something.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Today

In China, there are many people think Traditional Chinese Medicine is only a joke. I can understand them. They are young, healthy and happy, and they do not have to face difficult health situation. From my point of view, Traditional Chinese Medicine is developing very slowly in the recent hundreds of years, especially compared to modern medicine. But it is based on completed theory and works totally different with modern medicine. Therefore, TCM may be the patient's last chance of survival.

Diagnose the Disease

When you feel sick, e.g. cough or headache. The most important thing is to find out the reason behind the symptom. Traditional Chinese Medicine is NOT your first choice at this stage. Why? Let me give an example. Modern medicine can do DNA paternity test, while Chinese medicine still rely on face looks. So even you go for a Chinese doctor, he/she will also read your blood samples, CT films.

However, it is possible that your disease can not be confirmed by modern medicine because of the limitation of the today's science. For example, somebody feel headache but all the exams shows healthy. In that case, we should give Chinese medicine a chance. Why? Some disease take years to developing and you are probably in the very very early stage. Your disease may be cured by yourself without any treatment or it may also keep developing and finally become your big trouble. Traditional Chinese Medicine can do very good job in the very early stage. Although the TCM doctor cannot find your exact disease either, they can help adjust your body's internal balance and let your body overcome the disease yourself. In this very very early stage, human body is very likely strong enough to be able to overcome the disease. You may not have to drink those bitter Chinese medicine soup, just several theurapeutic massage may works, trained acupuncture may also works.

Disease Confirmed

In some case, modern medicine provided a exact treatment that can perfectly cure the disease. That will be the best news in life. Thanks to modern science! Sometimes, things is very complicated. Choose the effective treatment can be a hard question. And the patient or those who love the patient is the final person to take the responsibility. Sorry, not the doctor. The doctor only give you professional advice may be biased or limited. My suggestion is learn more about the disease yourself if time permit, by reading books, searching the web, visiting more doctors. Remember to be open minded but not credulous. When you are told that a surgery may be dangerous or the harmful pills have to be taken for life time. Be careful to make decisions because Chinese medicine may works for you without serious side effect.

Chinese Medicine Doctors

Chinese Medicine doctors are heavily depends on knowledge and experience. Thus, it does take time to find the right doctor for you even in China. It is possible that a world famous doctor in big hospital can not cure your disease, but a doctor in a small town finally solved the problem. Another problem is that they are some doctors in China who cheat you from the beginning and they just want money. We sometimes have to hear the local people saying or talk with other patients in order to know more about the doctor or hospital.