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Fructus et Cortex Garciniae Oblongifoliae

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Mu Zhu Zi (Oblongleaf garcinia fruit and bark)


The drug is the root bark, fruit or seed of Garcinia oblongifolia Champ. (Family Guttiferae), growing in damp and fertile mountainous forest, distributed in Guangdong, Hainan and Guangxi provinces.

  1. 木竹子
  2. Oblongleaf garcinia fruit and bark
  3. Mu Zhu Zi

The Effect of Fructus et Cortex Garciniae Oblongifoliae


The stem bark is used as anti-inflammatory agent and hemostatic agent, for the treatment of gastritis, peptic ulcer, eczema, stomatitis, periodontitis, ulcers of lower limb and scalds.

Fruit is used to relieve sunstroke and alcoholism, to astring and promote tissue regeneration, for the treatment of abdominal distension due to retention of food, proctoptosis.

Seed is used as antiinflammatory agent and analgesic, for the treatment of burns, scalds, eczema, stomatitis periodontitis, carbuncles.