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  2. Dried Human Placenta

Dried Human Placenta

Zi He Che
Zi He Che #


Zi He Che (Dried Human Placenta)

  1. Zi He Che
  2. Tai Pan
  3. 胎盤
  4. 紫河車
  5. Placenta Hominis
  6. Human Placenta
  7. 紫河车
  8. 胎盘

The Effect of Dried Human Placenta


Sweet, salty, warm; lung, liver and kidney meridians entered.


Tonify qi, nourish blood and replenish essence.


Night sweat, impotence, spermatorrhea, hemoptysis, cough and asthma, emaciation, infertility, blood and qi deficiency of women.

Dosage and Administrations

Take the powder, 1.5~3 g per time, or made into pill. Decoct with fresh product, half or one, 2~3 times a week.