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Herba Visci

Hu Ji Sheng
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Hu Ji Sheng (Herba Visci)

  1. Hu Ji Sheng
  2. 槲寄生
  3. Coloed Mistletoe Herb

The Effect of Herba Visci


Bitter, neutral; liver and kidney meridians entered.


Dispel wind-damp, tonify the liver and kidney, strengthen the tendons and bones, prevent miscarriage.


Dizziness, rheumatoid arthritis, sores and weakness of waist and knees, metrorrhagia and metrostaxis, threatened abortion, weakness of tendons and bones.

Dosage and Administrations

Decoct 10~15 g, or made into pill or powder, or soaked in wine. Proper dosage is for external application.