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Bittersweet Herb

Bai Ying
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Bai Ying2
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Bai Ying (Bittersweet Herb)

  1. Bai Ying
  2. 白英
  3. 蜀羊泉
  4. Herba Solani Lyrati

The Effect of Bittersweet Herb


Bitter, slightly cold, slightly toxic; liver and stomach meridians entered.


Clear heat, eliminate dampness, expel wind and remove toxicity.


Jaundice, edema, malaria, stranguria, rheumatoid arthritis, erysipelas, deep-rooted boil.

Dosage and Administrations

Decoct 15~30 g and double the fresh, or soaked in wine. Proper dosage is for external application, pounded into powder for applying or decocted for washing.


It is contraindicated to weak people without damp-heat.