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Mo Yao

Mo Yao
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Mo Yao (Myrrh)——Yao Xing Lun (Treatise on Herb Property)

  1. Myrrh
  2. 没药
  3. 沒藥
  4. Myrrha

The Processing of Mo Yao


The exudation of factice resin from skin areas of bush or tree Commiphora myrrha Engl. of family Bruseraceae and plants of the same family.


Somalia, Ethiopia and India.


Collected from November to next February.

The actual smell and taste

Densely fragrant, bitter and light pungent taste.

Best quality

Big, brown red, translucent, slightly sticky, dense and long-term fragrance, purified.


Unprocessed or processed.

The Effect of Mo Yao


Pungent, bitter, neutral, heart, liver and spleen meridians entered.


Activate blood and alleviate pain, resolve swelling and promote tissue regeneration.


The actions and indications are similar to those of Ru Xiang. It is reinforced by the combination with Ru Xiang for traumatic injuries, pain due to stagnation and stasis, abscess, deep rooted carbuncle, swelling and pain, ulcerated sore and abscess not healed for a long time and all the pain due to stagnation and stasis.

Dosage and Administrations

As same as Ru Xiang.


As same as Ru Xiang.