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Dao Ya

Gu Ya
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Dao Ya (Fructus Oryzae Germinatus)——Ming Yi Bie Lu (Miscellaneous Records of Famous physicians)

  1. 稻芽
  2. Fructus Oryzae Germinatus
  3. 谷芽
  4. Gu Ya
  5. Rice-grain Sprout

The Processing of Dao Ya


Germinant fruit of Oryza sativa L. of family Gramineae.


All parts of south China.

The true smell and taste

No smell, slightly sweet.

Best quality

Even size, yellow, big without impurity.


After being cleaned, dipped in water for 4~6 hours, then fished out, kept in suitable temperature and humidity until plumule growing to 1.0 cm, then dried in the sun, unprocessed or stir-baked.

The Effect of Dao Ya


Sweet, warm, spleen and stomach meridians entered.


Promote digestion and harmonize middle energizer, invigorate spleen and increase appetite.


Its actions are similar to but milder than Mai Ya, so they are usually used in combination to reinforce each other's actions for starch food stagnation syndrome and spleen deficiency syndrome manifested as poor appetite and indigestion, etc. For poor appetite based on spleen deficiency, it is combined with qi-moving and spleen-invigorating herbs. For instance it is combined with Sha Ren and Bai Zhu in Gu Shen Wan from Zhan Liao Fang.

Dosage and Administrations

Decoct 9~15 g. The raw one is a bit on the side of harmonizing middle energizer; the stir-baked one, promoting digestion.