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  2. Herba Phyllanthi Urinariae

Herba Phyllanthi Urinariae

Zhen Zhu Cao
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Zhen Zhu Cao (Common Leafflower Herb)

  1. Zhen Zhu Cao
  2. 珍珠草
  3. 叶下珠
  4. Common Leafflower Herb
  5. 葉下珠

The Effect of Herba Phyllanthi Urinariae


Sweet, bitter, cool; liver and lung meridians entered.


Calm the liver and clear heat, promote diuresis and remove toxicity.


Enteritis, infectious hepatitis, renal edema, dysentery, nebula, urinary tract infection, aphtha, porrigo, infantile malnutrition.

Dosage and Administrations

Decoct 9~15 g.