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Lv Cao (Herba Humuli Scandentis)

  1. 葎草
  2. Japanese Hop Herb
  3. Herba Humuli Scandentis

The Effect of Lv Cao


Sweet, bitter, cold; lung and kidney meridians entered.


Clear heat and promote diuresis, resolve stagnation and remove toxicity.


Scrofula, carbuncle, difficulty in urination, malaria, dysentery, diarrhea, pulmonary abscess, pulmonary tuberculosis, pneumonia, haemorrhoid, gonorrhea, stubborn dermatitis.

Dosage and Administrations

Decoct 10~15 g ( 30~60 g of the fresh product), or pounded into juice. Proper dosage is for external application, pounded for applying or decocted for washing.


It is used for heat diseases only.