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Jiu Xiang Chong

Jiu Xiang Chong
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Jiu Xiang Chong (Aspongopus)

  1. 九香虫
  2. 酒香虫
  3. Aspongopus
  4. 九香蟲
  5. 酒香蟲

The Effect of Jiu Xiang Chong


Salty, warm; liver, spleen and kidney meridians entered.


Regulate qi and alleviate pain, warm the middle energizer and reinforce yang.


Stomachache due to emotional depression and the hyperactive liver-qi attacking the stomach, impotence due to kidney deficiency, soreness and pain in lumbar and knees.

Dosage and Administrations

Decoct 3~9 g, or made into pill or powder, 0.6~1.2 g.


It is contraindicated for internal heat due to yin deficiency.