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Chong Wei Zi

Chong Wei Zi
Chong Wei Zi #


Chong Wei Zi (Motherwort Fruit)

  1. Fructus Leonuri
  2. Motherwort Fruit
  3. 茺蔚子

The Effect of Chong Wei Zi


Sweet, pungent, slightly cold; liver meridian entered.


Activate blood and regulate the menstruation, dispel wind and clear heat.


Menoxenia, metrorrhagia, morbid leucorrhea, pain from blood stasis after delivery, liver-heat headache, swelling and pain of eyes, nebula.

Dosage and Administrations

Decoct 6~9 g or made into pill or powder or pounded into juice.


It is contraindicated to liver-blood deficiency, corectasis and pregnant women.