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Zang Hong Hua

Zang Hong Hua
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Zang Hong Hua (Saffron)

  1. 番紅花
  2. 西紅花
  3. 藏紅花
  4. Stigma Croci
  5. 番红花
  6. 西红花
  7. 藏红花
  8. Saffron

The Effect of Zang Hong Hua


Sweet, neutral; liver and heart meridians entered.


Activate blood and resolve blood stasis, relieve melancholy and alleviate pain.


Amenorrhea, traumatic injury, hematemesis, abdominal pain due to blood stasis after delivery, palpitation, absent-mindedness, typhoid, melancholy, chest distension.

Dosage and Administrations

Decoct 1~3 g, or soaked in wine.


It is contraindicated to pregnant women.