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Ren Zhong Bai

Ren Zhong Bai
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Ren Zhong Bai2
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Ren Zhong Bai (Depositum Urinae Hominis)

  1. 人中白
  2. Depositum Urinae Hominis
  3. Sediment of Human urine
  4. Human urine sediment

The Effect of Ren Zhong Bai


Salty, cool; lung, heart and bladder meridians entered.


Clear heat, reduce pathogenic fire and resolve stagnation.


Hematemesis, nose bleeding, noma, pharyngitis, pulmonary asthenia, aphthae, consumptive fever.

Dosage and Administrations

Take powder, 3~6 g. Proper dosage is for external application, pounded into powder for applying or puffing.