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Perilla Stem

Zi Su Geng
Zi Su Geng #


Zi Su Geng (Perilla Stem)

  1. Zi Su Geng
  2. 紫蘇梗
  3. 蘇梗
  4. Caulis Perillae
  5. Su Geng
  6. 苏梗
  7. 紫苏梗

The Effect of Perilla Stem


Sweet, pungent, slightly warm; spleen, stomach and lung meridians entered.


Regulate the flow of qi and soothe the middle energizer, alleviate pain and prevent abortion.


Food stagnation, abdominal pain, belching and vomiting, stomachache, fetal irritability, chest distension, qi depression.

Dosage and Administrations

Decoct 5~10 g, or made into powder.