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Taiyang Bladder Meridian of Foot


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taiyang Bladder Meridian of Foot is one of the Twelve Standard Meridians. It is correspond with Shaoyin Kidney Meridian of Foot. The Flow Hours of this meridians is 3:00PM - 5:00PM.


Taiyang Bladder Meridian of Foot contents 67 acupoints in one side, that is 134 acupoints in total.

Flowing Route

Taiyang bladder meridian of foot starts from the inner canthus (Jingming, BL1), ascends to the forehead, and joins the opposite meridian at the vertex (Baihui, GV20).

The branch emerging from the vertex reaches to the upper area of the ear.

The straight branch of the meridian leaving from the vertex turns back to the occipital bone and enters the cranial cavity to connect with the brain. Then it reemerges and descends to the nape (Tianzhu, BL10) and joins at Dazhui (GV14). Along the medial side of the scapula and parallel to the vertebral column (l.5 cun lateral to the dorsal midline), it descends to the 1umbar region (Shenshu, BL23) and enters the abdominal cavity from the deep layers of muscles along the lumbar region to link with the kidney and pertains to the urinary bladder.

The branch stemming from the lumbar region runs downwards parallel to the spine. Passing through the buttocks, it descends along the posterior border of the lateral side of the thigh into the popliteal fossa (Weizhong, BL40).

The branch emerging from the nape runs downwards along the medial border of the scapula. From Fufen (BL41), it runs alongside the region 3 cun lateral to the spine and reaches the hip joint. From there, it goes downwards along the lateral aspect of the thigh and meets the previous branch from the loin in the popliteal fossa. Then it descends through the gastrocnemius, reaching the posterior aspect of the external malleolus (Kunlun, BL60), where it runs along the lateral side of the foot dorsum to the lateral side of the tip of the little toe (Zhiyin, BL67) to connect with shaoyin kidney meridian of foot.

Taiyang Bladder Meridian of Foot
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