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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shaoyin Kidney Meridian of Foot is one of the Twelve Standard Meridians. It is correspond with Taiyang Bladder Meridian of Foot. The Flow Hours of this meridians is 5:00PM - 7:00PM.


Shaoyin Kidney Meridian of Foot contents 27acupoints in one side, that is 54 acupoints in total.

Flowing Route

Shaoyin kidney meridian of foot

Shaoyin kidney meridian of foot starts from the plantar surface of the little toe and runs obliquely towards the center of the sole ( Yongquan, KI1). Emerging from the lower aspect of the tuberosity of the navicular bone (Rangu, KI2), it runs behind the medial malleolus where one of its branches enters the heel. Then it ascends along the posterior border of the medial side of the lower leg to the medial side of the popliteal fossa and goes further upwards along the posteromedial aspect of the thigh to the coccygeal region (Changqiang, GV1) where it runs through the vertebral column, enters the kidney and links with the urinary bladder.

The straight branch emerging from the kidney ascends through the liver and diaphragm and enters the lung. From there it travels along the throat and terminates at the root of the tongue.

The branch emerging from the thigh root runs alongside the perineum to the lower abdomen. Then it goes upwards along the region 0.5 cun lateral to the abdominal midline to the subclavian region (Shufu, KI27).

The branch stemming from the lung joins the heart and runs into the chest to meet with jueyin pericardium meridian of hand.

Shaoyin Kidney Meridian of Foot
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