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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Conception Vessel is one of the Eight Extra Meridians. Of the eight, Governor Vessel, Conception Vessel and Thoroughfare Vessel all originate in the uterus and emerge from the perineum and are therefore called "three meridians sharing the same origin";.

Conception Vessel has a close relation with the six yin meridians (including Taiyin Lung Meridian of Hand,Shaoyin Heart Meridian of Hand,Jueyin Pericardium Meridian of Hand,Taiyin Spleen Meridian of Foot,Shaoyin Kidney Meridian of Foot,Jueyin Liver Meridian of Foot). It regulates the qi of the yin meridians of the whole body, therefore it is called the sea of the yin meridians.


Conception Vessel contents 24 acupoints.

## Indication

The primary indications include diseases of their relevant organs and tissues in abdomino-thoracic area.

The Course of the Vessel

It starts from the inside of the lower abdomen and comes out from the perineum. It goes anteriorly to the pubic region and ascends along the interior side of the abdomen, passes through Guanyuan(CV4) and reaches the throat. Ascending further, it curves around the lips, passes through the cheek and enters the infraorbital region Chengqi(ST1).

You can see the corese of Conception Vessel in the picture below.

conception vessel
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