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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Thoroughfare Vessel is one of the Eight Extra Meridians. Of the eight, Governor Vessel, Conception Vessel and Thoroughfare Vessel all originate in the uterus and emerge from the perineum and are therefore called "three meridians sharing the same origin";.

Thoroughfare Vessel regulates and restores the qi and blood in the twelve regular meridians, so it is called the sea of the twelve main meridians or the sea of blood.

The coalescent points


Adverse movement of qi and rigidity in the abdominal area.

The Course of the Vessel

It starts from the interior of the lower abdomen, descends and emerges at the perineum, ascends and runs inside the vertebral column, while its superficial portion passes through the region of Qichong(ST30) where it splits into two and coincides with Shaoyin Kidney Meridian of Foot**** , running along both sides of the abdomen, throat, curving around the lips.

You can see the corese of Thoroughfare Vessel in the picture below.

thoroughfare vessel
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