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Food therapies on stranguria

Stranguria refers to frequency peeing, shower drain, urethra astringent pain, waist and abdomen pain as the main clinical manifestations of the disease. It is commonly caused by bladder damp heat, spleen and kidney deficiency and liver depression and qi stagnation in the kidney, bladder gasification disorder. It is equivalent to urinary system infection, calculus, cancer, and prostate disease, chyluria in western medicine.

Food therapies principles:

A. hot stranguria

Clinical manifestations:

Short and frequent piss, buring pain, yellow and red urine, abdomen pain, fever, headache, bitter mouth, nausea, vomiting, or stool stagnation. Yellow greasy tongue coating, rapid pulse.

Food therapies principles:

Clearing heat and induce diuresis.

  • 1.Drink more hot water, especially in summer and at night, tea is better choice, or magnetized water containing less minerals, 1500 ~ 2000 ml every day. During the attack stage, one should drink lots of water of 2000 ml or above daily; but in chronic and remission phase, it better to drink in the morning of 500 ml. When sweating out much in summer, there is need to increase water intake.

  • 2.Eat mild foods which are rich in water, avoid the leek, onion, garlic, pepper, ginger or other spicy foods. Avoid warm and hot foods, such as lamb, dog meat, rabbit meat and other rich food, so as not to get inflammation aggravated. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes.

  • 3.Eating a variety of vegetables and fruits.

  • 4.Choose foods that can clearing away heat and toxic materials, inducing diuresis.

  • 5.Pay attention to diet ph adjustment.

Dietotherapy foods:

  • 1.Hua shi powder gan cao soya-bean milk:hua shi fen 3 g and gan cao powder 0.5 g, soya-bean milk 200 ml. Apply the above two powders with soy bean milk. Apply 1 time per day.

  • 2.Xiang chun drink:100 grams xiang chun, boil for decoction, apply several times a day.

  • 3.Mao gen grape juice drink:grape juice 30 ml, mao gen 50 grams,boil for decoction. Apply 2 times a day.

  • 4.Mung bean sprout juice: mung bean sprout 500 grams, smash for juice, add a little sugar. Apply 1 ~ 2 times a day for 1 week straight.

  • 5.Yu mi xu che qian zi drink:yu mi xu 50g, che qian zi 20 grams, gan cao 10 grams. Wrapp the che qian zi in gauze, boil with yu mi xu and gan cao in the casserole, add 500 ml water, collect 400 ml juice. Apply 3 times a day.

  • 6.The prescription of Liu yi san soya-bean milk:The prescription of liu yi san 15 grams, apply along with soy milk.

  • 7.Jin yin hua che qian zi drink:60 grams jin yin hua, 50 grams of che qian cao. Smash the two, add into the casserole, add proper water, boil for 2 times, each time of 30 minutes, merging two decoctions, remove slag with clean cotton cloth, drop the juice back into the casserole, stew until the decoction was left about 200 ml. Apply 2 times each time of 100 ml each time.

  • 8.Soup:

  • (1) Mung bean soup of ma chi xian lean pork:beans 150 grams, 200 g ma chi xian, pig lean meat 150 grams, garlic kernel 4 grains, proper oil, salt. Wash and cut ma chi xian, cut mung bean and pork into small pieces. Put proper amount of water in a clay pot, cook the mung bean about 15 minutes, add the other materials, boil for 1 hour until pig lean meat is soft and well cooked, add seasonings and serve.

  • (2) Mung bean wax guard soup:1000 g wax gourd gourd, mung bean 350 grams. 30 grams of onion, salt 2 grams, ginger 10 grams. Stew all the materials for soup, add the wax gourd in after the beans are done.

  • (3) Yellow bean sprouts mushrooms soup:250 g mushroom yellow bean sprouts, 50 grams of fresh mushroom. Boil the yellow bean sprouts for 20 minutes before adding in the mushroom slices, boil for 3 minutes after seasoning.

  • (4) Ma chi xian mung bean soup:120 g ma chi xian, mung bean 60 grams. Boil for soup. Apply 1 ~ 2 times a day for 3 days straight.

  • (5) Xia gan cucumber soup:cucumber 100 grams, 50 grams of xia gan, 3 slices ginger, soy sauce 10 grams, 1 gram of salt, boil for soup.

  • (6) Cabbage rootstock mung bean soup:30 grams cabbage rootstock, 30g mung bean sprout. Boil half an hour. Apply 2 ~ 3 times each day, 100 ~ 200 ml each time.

  • (7) Che qian red bean soup:che qian cao leaves 60 grams, yu mi xu 45 grams, gan cao 10 grams. Boil together and collect juice, add in 45 g red bean and stew. Eat bean soup of one dose daily for 7 ~ 10 days straight.

  • (8) Dandelions Di Ding mung bean soup:dandelion 30 grams, 30 grams of zi hua di ding, mung bean 60 grams. Boil for juice. Eat bean soup for one dose daily on 5 ~ 7 days straight.

  • (9) Che qian cao leaves bamboo leaves gan cao soup:che qian cao leaves 100 grams, bamboo leaves 12 grams, gan cao 10 grams. Boil to take juice, add in suitable amount of crystal sugar into the casserole, stew a while. Apply one dose a day for 7 ~ 10 days as a course of treatment.

  • (10) Three beans gan cao soup:20 g mung beans, red beans 15 grams, 15 grams of black beans, gan cao 4 g. Take the four flavors into the casserole, add right amount water and boil well. Apply 2 times a day, continue for 5 days as a course of treatment.

  • (11) Ku gua gan green tea soup:several ku gua and proper green tea. Clean and cut ku gua into two pieces, stuff with green tea, then insert with bamboo sticks. Dry ku gua in ventilated place, chop and blend well, then store in the bottle. Set aside. Take 10 g each time in the vacuum cup, stew with boiling water, soak for 20 minutes and drink.

  • (12) Wax gourd he bang rou chen pi soup:500 g wax gourd, he bang rou 250 grams, 10 grams chen pi, cook soup, add in spoonful rice wine a, proper onion, ginger and stew well, add in MSG. Apply 2 times a day for 5 ~ 7 days.

  • (13) Liang Gua huang shan soup:liang Gua 300 grams, huang shan 250 grams. Remove the pulp, slice Liang Gua and salt for 10 minutes, clean up. Remove the internal organs, wash the cut into pieces, put into the pot with liang gua, add right amount water, stew for 1 hour.

  • (14) Che qian tian luo soup:che qian zi 30 grams, red jujube 10 pieces, tian luo 1000 grams. Remove tre cores of the red jujube, clean well. Cut the top of the tian luo and wash well. Wrap the che qian zi in the cloth, put into the pot with red jujube and tian luo, add right amount water, and boil for 2 hours. Drink soup, eat tian luo.

  • 9.Porridge:

  • (1) Dao chi porridge:bamboo leaves 30 grams, 50-100 grams of rice, proper sugar, sheng di, mu tong, gan cao. Smash sheng di mu tong and gan cao into powders, take 10 grams, wrap in a cloth, and then rinse with bamboo leaves into pot, boil for juice, remove slag, put in rice, boil for porridge. Apply 2 ~ 3 times daily. All patients with cold stomach or Yin deficiency and fever are forbidden to use.

  • (2) Yi Mi porridge:30 grams of rice, 30g Yi Mi, make porridge, add proper sugar. Apply 2 times each day for 10 ~ 15 days as a course of treatment.

  • (3) Yin hua dandelion porridge:60 grams dandelions, 30 grams of jin yin hua, 50-100 grams of rice. Boil jin yin hua and dandelions for juice, boil with rice into porridge. Apply 2 ~ 3 times a day for 3 ~ 5 days as a course of treatment.

  • (4) The prescription of liu yi san porridge:the prescription of liu yi san 10 grams, 100 grams of rice. Wrap the prescription in a cloth into the casserole, boil for juice and make porridge. Apply in the morning and at night. People with clear and long urine or Yin deficiency should not apply.

  • (5). Mung bean porridge:mung bean 50 grams, 50 grams of rice. Proper White sugar. Soak the beans for eight hours, simmer with rice until it’s totally done, and then add white sugar. Apply 2 times each day each time of one bowl.

  • (6) Green bean wheat porridge: wheat 50 g, 5 g green beans, tong cao 5g. Boil tong cao with 500 ml water, remove the slag and make porr with green beans and wheat into porridge. Apply as breakfast.

  • (7) Mao gen porridge: mao gen 200g, 30 grams of rice. Rock sugar right amount. Clean and chopp the mao gen and put into the casserole, boil for juice, remove slag, add in the rice, add sugar. Take on empty stomach.

  • (8) Mao gen dandelion porridge:mao gen 60 grams, dandelion 60 grams, 30 grams of jin yin hua, 50-100 grams of rice. Boil the three ingredients for juice and make porridge with rice.

  • (9) Yu mu xu che qian cao porridge:yu mu xu 30 grams, 30 grams of che qian cao, one onion stalk, 50-100 grams of rice. Chop che qian cao and boil with yu mu xu and onion stalk for juice. Make porridge with rice. Apply 2 ~ 3 times per day, 5 ~ 7 days for a course of treatment.

  • 10.Recipes:

  • (1)The shrimps Liang Gua:Liang Gua 300 grams, 50 grams of dried shrimp, a spoon of lobster sauce. Boil for soup.

  • (2)Tian ji wax gourd pot:900 grams wax guard, tian ji 600 grams, 1 slice ginger, mushroom 25 grams. Boil for soup.

  • 11.Fruit therapies:

  • (1)Watermelon: Eat at will.

  • (2)Watermelon skin drink: watermelon skin 50-100 grams, 30 grams of wax gourd peel, boil in 1000 ml of water, remove slag and drink.

B.Stone stranguria

Clinical manifestations

Urinary calculus; burning on urination or micturition interruption, urethral distress and acerbity pain, lower abdomen detained, or waist abdomen colic, with blood in urine. The tongue red, coating thin and yellow, taut and rapid pulse.

Food therapies principles:

Clearing heat and induce diuresis; treating stranguria and removing urinary calculus.


  • 1.Niu jiao san:shui niu jiao 300 grams, bake with slow fire, smash into powder. Take 3 times each day of 9 grams each time. Apply with boiled water. Apply better with yellow rice wine.

  • 2.Jin qian cao tea: jin qian cao 60 grams, boil for decoction. Apply everyday.

  • 3.Walnut crisp: walnut meat 120 grams, 120 g sugar, sesame oil 120 grams. Fry walnuts in sesame oil first, grind fine and mix with crystal sugar. Apply with boiled water for 2 times a day.

  • 4.Niu xi che qian cao drink: niu xi 30 grams, che qian cao 15 g. Cook together for the soup. Apply several times a day.

  • 5.Fish dang gui soup: one fish head, dang gui powder 140 grams, proper rice vinegar. After clean the fish head, boil with dang gui for soup.

Food therapies:

  • 1.Drink more water. Distribute the water intake throughout the day, in addition to drinking lots of water during the day, people in stages of before sleep, during sleep and after sleeping should also intake be 300 ~ 500 ml of water.

  • 2.Eat more digestive food, eat less spinach, potatoes, animal organs, strawberries, eggs and other food containing calcium and high phosphorus, eat more vegetables and fruits.

  • 3.Eat less foods containing fluorine, such as lettuce, seaweed, shrimp, etc.

  • 4.For people who have hypercalciuria should control intake of calcium, like milk, cheese, beans, dried small shrimps, etc., eat less vitamins A, D; For no hypercalciuria, there is no need to low calcium intake; As a result of low calcium diet that resulted in increased urinary oxalate excretion and stone formation, those people should also not choose low calcium diet.

  • 5.People who have high uric acid hematic disease, acid urine and calculi should eat low purine food, avoid foods containing much purine, such as poultry meat, crustaceans and lentils, fish, black tea, cocoa, coffee, chocolate, etc.

  • 6.People who have phosphate stones should have acidic food.

  • 7.For the calcium oxalate stones, you should avoid eating high oxalic acid food, such as spinach, tomatoes, potatoes, sugar beets, asparagus, black tea, chocolate, etc., as well as the high acid content of foods, such as milk, cheese, etc. Better to eat low oxalate foods, such as green soy bean, onion, leeks, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and so on.

  • 8 Mao gen dandelion porridge:mao gen 60 grams, dandelion 60 grams, 30 grams of jin yin hua, 50-100 grams of rice. Boil the three ingredients for juice and make porridge with rice.

  • 9 Yu mu xu che qian cao porridge:yu mu xu 30 grams, 30 grams of che qian cao, one onion stalk, 50-100 grams of rice. Chop che qian cao and boil with yu mu xu and onion stalk for juice. Make porridge with rice. Apply 2 ~ 3 times per day, 5 ~ 7 days for a course of treatment.

C. Blood stranguria

  • 1.Drink more water to rinse the urethra.
  • 2.Avoid spicy and excitant foods.

D. Grease stranguria

a.sthenia syndrome

  • 1.Avoid spicy and excitant food, such as wine, beer, pepper, onion, etc.

  • 2.Strictly control the intake of high cholesterol foods, such as lard oil, peanuts, and fried foods.

  • 3.Eat vegetarian food more, have some lean meat, eggs, fish soup, etc after the recovery of disease.

b.asthenia syndrome

Diets should be benefit hepatorenal, easy to diges, food such as milk, shan yao, potatoes, eggs, turtles, pigs, sheep brains, black fungus, jujube - yi yi ren porridge, walnut porridge, qian shi fu ling porridge, lotus longan porridge, etc. Avoid cold, greasy, hard solid foods.

Food choices

  • 1.Fruits and vegetables that has the heat-clearing and detoxifying effects, such as chrysanthemum, shepherd's purse, ma lan tou, watermelon, pear, fresh lotus root, etc.

  • 2.Jin yin hua;

  • 3.Che qian cao;

  • 4.Acid and alkaline food choices

  • (1) The alkaline foods: bean curd, fruits, vegetables, beans, tea, etc.

  • (2) Acidic foods: ebony, waxberry, walnuts, meats excluding beef; peanuts, rice, noodles, beans, beer, etc.

  • 5.Low purine food, such as corn flour, taro, eggs, fruit, cereal, lotus root powder, tian cai, huang hua cai, carrots, celery, cucumber, eggplant, lettuce, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, cowpea, etc.

General foods:

  • 1.The lotus seed;

  • 2.The mung bean soup or porridge.

  • 3.The wax gourd juice. Take a small cup about 2 times a day.

  • 4.Sugarcane lotus root drink:sugar cane, white lotus root each 500 g, chopp and smash for juice, drink 2 times a day.

  • 5.Willow branch drink: fresh Willow branch 120g, boil for decoction, apply two times a day for a week straight.

  • 6.The grapes;

  • 7.Drink wild grape vine drink:30 grams grape vine, wash and boil into 1000 ml decoction, remove the slags and drink as tea.

  • 8.Barley ginger juice:100 grams of barley, 15 grams of ginger, a little honey. Clean and boil them all for juice, remove the slag, add honey. Apply three times before meal.

  • 9.Gailic fermented soya beans steamed cake:steamed cake, garlic, fermented soya beans proper amount. Smash and make the raw materials into pills, big as mung beans. Apply 2 ~ 3 times a day, each time 3 ~ 4 g, apply with rice soup.