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  2. 鳖甲煎丸



Decocted Turtle Shell Pill

  1. Biejia Jian Wan
  2. 鱉甲煎丸

The Prescription of 鳖甲煎丸


The book Jin Gui Yao Lue


  • Bie Jia (Carapax Trionycis) 90 g,
  • She Gan (Rhizoma Belamcandae) 22.5 g,
  • Huang Qin (Radix Scutellariae) 22.5 g,
  • Chao Shu Fu (stir-fried Armadillidium Vulgare) 22.5 g,
  • Gan Jiang (Rhizoma Zingiberis) 22.5 g,
  • Da Huang (Radix et Rhizoma Rhei) 22.5 g,
  • Gui Zhi (Ramulus Cinnamomi) 22.5 g,
  • Shi Wei (Folium Pyrrosiae) 22.5 g,
  • Hou Po (Cortex Magnoliae Officinalis) 22.5 g,
  • Qu Mai (Herba Dianthi) 22.5 g,
  • Zi Wei (Radix Campsis) 22.5 g,
  • E Jiao (Colla Corii Asini) 22.5 g,
  • Chai Hu (Radix Bupleuri) 45 g,
  • Chao Qiang Lang (Dung Beetle) 45 g,
  • Shao Yao (Radix Paeoniae Alba) 37 g,
  • Dan Pi (Cortex Moutan) 37 g,
  • Chao Zhe Chong (Stir-fried Eupolyphaga seu Stelephaga) 37 g,
  • Zhi Feng Chao (Nedus Vespar Preparata) 30 g,
  • Chi Xiao (Natrii Sulfas) 90 g,
  • Tao Ren (Semen Persicae) 15 g,
  • Ren Shen (Radix Ginseng) 7.5 g,
  • Ban Xia (Rhizoma Pinelliae) 7.5 g,
  • Ting Li Zi (Semen Lepidii) 7.5 g.


Bie Jia: Softening and disintegrating masses.

Huang Jiu (millet wine): Promoting the circulation of blood through the channels.

Chi Xiao, Da Huang, Zhe Chong, Zhang Lang and Shu Fu: Promoting the circulation of blood, removing blood stasis and disintegrating masses.

Chai Hu, Huang Qi and Bai Shao: Regulating the activity of the liver-Qi.

Hou Po, She Gan, Ting Li Zi and Ban Xia: Regulating the
activity of Qi, dispersing stagnancy and eliminating phlegm.

Gan Jiang and Gui Zhi: Warming up the middle-Jiao, disintegrating masses.

Ren Shen and E Jiao: Invigorating Qi, nourishing blood and enhancing vital Qi.

Tao Ren, Dan Pi, Zi Wei and Feng Chao: Promoting the circulation of blood to remove blood stasis.

Qu Mai and Shi Wei: Inducing diuresis to remove dampness.

The Effect of 鳖甲煎丸


Disintegrating masses and removing stagnancy.


Syndrome due to various masses, marked by masses below the hypochondriums or in the abdomen, abdominal pain, emaciation, poor appetite, intermittent chills and fever, or amenorrhea, tongue fur purple in color or with ecchymosis, and uneven pulse; including such diseases with the above symptoms as malaria, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis and schistosomiasis.


1.5 kg of plant ash is steeped in 5 kg of millet wine and then the ash is filtered out to get the decoction, in which Bie Jia is decocted into a gum. All the other drugs are ground into fine powder. The gum and the powder are made with honey into pills. 3 g of the pills is taken with warm boiled water each time, 3 times daily.