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  2. 蟾酥丸


The Prescription of 蟾酥丸


The book Wai Ke Zheng Zong



Chan Su: Inducing resuscitation and refreshing mind, removing toxicity, alleviating pain.

Han Shui Shi: Clearing heat and reducing pathogenic fire, resolving swelling.

Qing Fen: Counteracting toxic pathogen, expelling retained water.

Tong Lv: Removing toxicity, astringing the wound, removing the necrotic tissue.

Mo Yao and Ru Xiang: Activating blood to alleviate pain, resolving swelling and promoting tissue regeneration.

Ku Fan: Eliminating phlegm, drying dampness, arresting diarrhea, stopping bleeding and removing toxicity.

She Xiang: Inducing resuscitation and refreshing mind, activating blood to alleviate pain.

Xiong Huang: Counteracting toxic pathogen.

Snails: Clearing heat, resolving swelling and removing toxicity.

Dan Fan: Inducing vomiting, removing toxicity and drying dampness, corroding to eliminate putridity.

Zhu Sha: Inducing sedation and tranquilization, clearing heat and removing toxicity.

The Effect of 蟾酥丸


Clear heat and remove toxicity, resolve swelling and alleviate pain.


Sores and boils, acute mastitis, charbuncle on the back, suppurative osteomyelitis, nucha carbunde.


It is contraindicated to pregnant women.