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Ziwei Tang

The Prescription of Ziwei Tang


The book Za Bing Yuan Liu Xi Zhu



Huang Lian and Huang Qin: Clearing heat and removing toxicity.

Niu Xi and Du Zhong: Tonifying the liver and kidney, strengthening tendons and bones.

Tian Dong and Bai He: Moistening the lung, nourishing Yin, clearing heat, resolving phlegm and relieving cough.

Ji Li: Pacifying liver and soothing liver, dispelling wind and improving vision.

Tu Si Zi: Tonifying the kidney and spleen, nourishing essence, nourishing the liver to improve vision, securing essence, reducing urination and relieve leukorrhagia.

Fang Feng: Dispelling wind and releasing exterior syndrome, expelling wind-damp, alleviating pain.

Zi Wei: Activating blood and dissipating blood stasis, cooling blood and dispelling wind.

Bi Xie: Inducing diuresis and removing dampness.

The Effect of Ziwei Tang


Clear heat and tonify blood, tonify the liver and kidney, strengthen tendons and bones, expel wind-damp.


Flaccidity due to malnutrition of tendons.


Decoct in water for oral dose to be taken twice.