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Zhibao Dan


Treasured Bolus

  1. 至宝丹
  2. 至寶丹

The Prescription of Zhibao Dan


The book Tai Ping Hui Min He Ji Ju Fang


The Effect of Zhibao Dan


Sunstroke, apoplexy, infantile convulsion and excess syndrome or stroke due to phlegm and heat pathogens in epidemic febrile disease, marked by coma, delirium, fever, dysphoria, excess phlegm, shortness of breath, reddened tongue with yellowish thick greasy coating, and slippery rapid pulse; including such diseases with the above symptoms as cerebrovascular accident, hepatic coma, encephalitis B and epilepsy.


Xi Jiao, Dai Mao, Hu Po, Long Nao, Niu Huang and Yin Bo are separately ground into powder. Zhu Sha and Xiong Huang are ground into powder and refined with water separately. An Xi Xiang is ground into powder and refined with limeless wine and filtered into abont 30 g of it, which is heated on gentle fire into a paste. Half of the gold foil for is used to make the medicine (The rest is used to coat the boluses.). All the ingredients are mixed and ground together and made into boluses, each weighing 3 g. 1 bolus is ground and taken with boiled water each time for an adult, half a bolus for a child. It is ordered in the original prescription that is bolus is melted in ginseng decoction and taken. Ginseng has the action of replenishing Qi and consolidating the constitution. It is compatible with pungent and aromatic natured drugs with the action of restoring consciousness to exert the action of clearing the mind, strengthening the constitution and removing pathogenic factors. So, taking Zhibao Dan with ginseng decoction is suggested for the patients with complex and complicated disorder, weak vital Qi and pulse of deficiency type.