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Zaorou Doukou Wan

The Prescription of Zaorou Doukou Wan


The book Wei Shi Jia Cang Fang



Da Zao: Tonifying qi, tonifying the spleen, nourishing blood and inducing tranquilization.

Ren Shen: Powerfully reinforcing original qi, tonifying zang-organ qi, promoting the generation of body fluid to alleviate thirst.

Ding Xiang: Warming the stomach, dispelling pathogenic cold, checking the upward adverse flow of Qi, and arresting hiccup.

Rou Dou Kou: Astringing intestines to check diarrhea, warming the middle and promoting the flow of qi.

Fu Ling: Inducing diuresis and draining dampness, invigorating the spleen and inducing tranquilization.

Zhong Ru Shi: Warming the lung and invigorating yang.

The Effect of Zaorou Doukou Wan


Tonify the spleen and arrest diarrhea.


Diarrhea due to spleen deficiency.


All the drugs except Hong Zao are pounded into fine powder. The powder is made with Hong Zao into pills. 30 pills are taken with boiling soup at any time.