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Qingluo Yin


Decoction for Removing Heat from the Lung Channel

  1. 清络饮
  2. 清絡飲

The Prescription of Qingluo Yin


The book Wen Bing Tiao Bian



Fresh Yin Hua: One of the principal drugs, being sweet in flavor and cold in nature, getting together with the other principal drug fresh Bian Dou Hua aromatic in flavor to remove summer-heat.

Xi Gua Cui Yi: Removing summer-heat.

Si Gua Luo: Dispelling heat from the lung collaterals.

Fresh He Ye: Dispersing and purging summer-heat.

Fresh Zhu Ye: Purging heart-fire by inducing diuresis.

The Effect of Qingluo Yin


Expelling pathogenic summer-heat.


Syndrome due to attack of summer-heat on the lung and pathogens lodging in the Qi system, marked by mild fever and thrist, vague mind, dizziness, mild distention of the head, pale red tongue with thin whitish coating; including sun-stroke with the above symptoms.


Decocted in water for oral dose to be taken twice.