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Niuhuang Baolong Wan

The Prescription of Niuhuang Baolong Wan



Tian Zhu Huang and Dan Nan Xing: Clearing heat and resolving phlegm, cooling the heart and relieving convulsion.

Quan Xie and Jiang Can: Extinguishing wind and relieving convulsion, aiding Niu Huang in clearing heat and resolving phlegm.

Hu Po and Zhu Sha: Clearing heat, calming the heart and inducing tranquilization.

Fu Ling: Promoting diuresis and strengthening the spleen.

She Xiang: Inducing resuscitation and refreshing mind.

Xiong Huang: Eliminating phlegm and relieving convulsion.

Niu Huang: Clearing heart-fire and removing toxicity, expelling wind and relieving convulsion, eliminating phlegm and inducing resuscitation.

The Effect of Niuhuang Baolong Wan


Clear heat and relieve convulsion, expel wind and resolve phlegm.


Infantile convulsion, hyperspasmia, coma with high fever, anemophlegmatic accumulation.