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  1. 肩井
  2. GB21

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Jianjing(GB21,肩井) is an acupuncture point in the meridian named Shaoyang Gall Bladder Meridian of Foot.


Jian, shoulder; jing, well.
The point is on the shoulder and the depression is like a well.


Midway between Dazhui and the acromion, at the highest point of the shoulder.


  1. ache of the neck and nape, shoulder and the back.
  2. lowering high blood pressure.(Since the point is easy to cause fainting in sitting position, lying position is prefered except for the patients with high blood pressure.)
  3. lactation deficiency, the beginning of the acute mammitits.
  4. prolonged labor.(Pregnant women cannot be punctured in this point).


  1. puncture perpendicularly 0.5-0.8cun. Inside the point is the tip of lung, so deep puncture must be avoided.
  2. pregnant women cannot be punctured in this point.