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Belt Vessel

  1. 带脉
  2. Dai Mai
  3. 帶脈


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Belt Vessel is one of the Eight Extra Meridians. The belt vessel, the only meridian running transversely around the waist, acts as a belt to control all the longitudinally-running meridians. The damage of belt vessel may lead to abortion and leucorrheal diseases.

The coalescent points


Irregular menstruation, leucorrhea, and other gynecological diseases, or atrophy.

The Course of the Vessel

It starts below the hypochondriac region and runs obliquely downward through Daimai(GB26), Wushu(GB27)and Weidao(GB28) ,then runs transversely around the waist like a belt.

You can see the corese of Belt Vessel in the picture below.

belt vessel
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