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  2. 紫雪丹



Purpled Snow Pill

  1. Zixue Dan

The Prescription of 紫雪丹


The book Wai Tai Mi Yao



Shi Gao, Han Shui Shi and Hua Shi: Being sweet in flavor and cold in nature, clearing away heat pathogen.

Ling Yang Jiao: Removing heat from the liver, calming endopathogenic wind to relieve convulsion.

Xi Jiao: Removing heat from the heart to get rid of heat poisons.

She Xiang: Being aromatic in flavor, promoting restoration of consciousness.

Xuan Shen, Sheng Ma and Gan Cao: Removing heat and toxic material, Xuan Shen has the action of nourishing Yin and promoting the production of body fluid.

Zhu Sha, Ci Shi and Huang Jin: Calming the mind through their heavy nature.

Mu Xiang, Ding Xiang and Chen Xiang: Promoting the free flow of Qi throughout the body.

Po Xiao and Xiao Shi: Clearing away heat and resolving stagnations.

The Effect of 紫雪丹


Removing heat for resuscitation, relieving convulsion, tranquilizing the mind.


Syndromes due to warm and heat pathogens, such as lingering of heat pathogen in the pericardium and infantile convulsion caused by excessive heat, marked by high fever, dysphoria, coma, delirium, convulsion, thirst, dark and dry lips, deep-colored urine, constipation; including such diseases with the above symptoms as encephalitis B, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, scarlet fever, infantile measles, infantile high fever and convulsion, and hepatic coma.


Shi Gao, Han Shui Shi, Hua Shi and Ci Shi are pounded into small pieces. The small pieces are put into the water in which Huang Jin has been steeped and boiled to get the water. The same thing is done to get the same kind of water. The water got at 2 times is mixed together. Xuan Shen, Mu Xiang, Chen Xiang, Sheng Ma, Gan Cao and Ding Xiang are placed into the water and boiled to get the decoction. The same thing is done another 2 times. The decoction got at 3 times is mixed together and decocted to condense it into a paste. The powder of Po Xiao and Xiao Shi is put into the paste to get a mixture, which is stirred until it is even. The mixture is dried and ground into fine powder (powder 1). Xi Jiao and Ling Yang Jiao are ground into fme powder (powder 2). Zhu Sha is refined with water or ground into fine powder (powder 3). She Xiang is ground into fine powder (powder 4). All the 4 kinds or powder are mixed and ground together and sieved and made even. Thus Zixue Dan is at last obtained. 1.5-3 g of it is taken each time, twice daily. The dosage for children is reduced properly.