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Knoxia and Moleplant Loxenge

  1. Zijin Ding
  2. Yu Shu Dan
  3. 玉枢丹
  4. 紫金錠
  5. 玉樞丹

The Prescription of 紫金锭


The book Pian Yu Xin Shu



She Xiang: Being aromatic in nature, inducing resuscitation, promoting the circulation of Qi and relieving pain.

Shan Ci Gu: Dispelling heat to subdue swelling.

Xiong Huang: Expelling pathogenic factors and toxic material.

Qian Jin Zi and Hong Da Ji: Eliminating phlegm and subduing swelling.

Zhu Sha: Calming the mind through its heavy nature.

Wu Bei Zi: Drying the intestines to alleviate diarrhea.

The Effect of 紫金锭


Taken orally, it has the action of causing resuscitation, resolving phlegm, getting rid of pestilent pathogenic factors and toxic material, purgating slowly, and descending the adverse flow of Qi. Applied externally, it functions in subduing swelling and dispersing masses.


Syndrome due to attack of pestilent pathogenic factors and phlegm retention, marked by distending full painful sensation in the stomach and intestines, vomiting, diarrhea, and skin and external diseases; including such diseases with the above symptoms as food poisoning, furuncle, boil and swelling.


The ingredients are ground into powder and made into lozenges with the paste of Nuo Mi. 0.6-1 5 g of the lozenge is taken orally each time, twice daily. When applied externally, it is ground in vinegar and applied on the affected area. Because Qian Jin Zi and Hong Da Ji are both poisoning, the dosage for children should be reduced. Meanwhile, it is contraindicated for pregnant women, for She Xiang in it is aromatic and apt to drift off its channel.