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  2. 疏凿饮子



Decoction for Diuresis

  1. Shu Zao Yinzi
  2. 疏鑿飲子

The Prescription of 疏凿饮子


The book Ji Sheng Fang



Shang Lu: The principal drug, being bitter and pungent in flavor and neutral in nature, purging retained water, inducing laxation and diuresis.

Bing Lang and Da Fu Pi: Promoting the circulation of Qi to eliminate retained water.

Fu Ling Pi, Ze Xie, Mu Tong, Jiao Mu and Chi Xiao Dou: Inducing laxation and diuresis to remove retained water in the interior.

Qiang Huo, Qin Jiao and Sheng Jiang Pi: Tending to give their potency full play in the skin, expelling pathogenic wind through the superficies of the body, removing retained water in the superficies through the muscles.

The Effect of 疏凿饮子


Purging retained water by inducing bowel movements and diuresis, expelling wind pathogens through the superficies of the body.


Syndrome due to excessive water retention both in the exterior and in the interior, marked by general edema, asthma, thirst, and difficulty in defecation and urination; including such diseases with the above symptoms as acute nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, etc.


Decocted in water for oral dose to be taken twice (used in the form of powder originally)