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  2. 安宫牛黄丸



Bezoar Bolus for Resurrection

  1. Angong Niuhuang Wan
  2. 安宮牛黃丸

The Prescription of 安宫牛黄丸


The book Wen Bing Tiao Bian



Niu Huang: One of the principal drugs, being bitter and sweet in taste and cool in nature, removing heat pathogen from the heart, eliminating toxic material, clearing away phlegm for resuscitation.

She Xiang: The other principal drug, being pungent in flavor and warm in nature, restoring consciousness.

Xi Jiao: Clearing away heat from the heart and blood to dispel toxic material.

Huang Lian, Huang Qin and Shan Zhi: Removing heat, purging fire, clearing away toxic material, assisting Niu Huang to expel fire from the pericardium.

Bing Pian and Yu Jin: Being aromatic in nature, clearing away epidemic pathogenic factors, causing resuscitation, strengthening She Xiang's action of restoring consciousness.

Zhu Sha and Zhen Zhu: Calming the mind through their heavy property to drive away dysphoria.

Xiong Huang: Aiding Niu Huang in eliminating phlegm and toxic material for resuscitation.

Feng Mi: Normalizing the function of the stomach and spleen.

Jin Bo: Calming the mind through its heavy nature.

The Effect of 安宫牛黄丸


Removing heat for resuscitation, eliminating phlegm and toxic material.


Excess syndromes of stroke due to warm and heat pathogens such as lingering of heat pathogen in the pericardium, phlegm and heat pathogens confusing the heart, coma caused by apoplexy, and infantile convulsion, marked by high fever, dysphoria, coma and delirium; including such diseases with the above symptoms as encephalitis B, hepatic coma, coma due to acute cerebral hemorrhage, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, toxic dysentery, uremia and toxic hepatitis.


The ingredients except Jin Bo are ground into very fine powder. The powder is made with honey into boluses, each weighing 3 g. The boluses are coated with Jin Bo and then enclosed with wax. 1 bolus is taken each time daily, 2-3 times daily for an adult with a severe disorder and a constitution of excess type. An infantile patient takes half a bolus each time. If it doesn't work, he / she may take the other half.