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  2. 七珍丹


The Prescription of 七珍丹


The book Quan Guo Zhong Yao Cheng Yao Chu Fang Ji



She Xiang: Being pungent in flavor and warm in nature, restoring consciousness.

Xiong Huang: Counteracting toxic pathogen.

Zhu Sha: Inducing sedation and tranquilization, clearing heat and removing toxicity.

Ba Dou Shuang: Removing cold accumulation with drastic purgative; expelling water to alleviate edema; dispelling phlegm and relieving sore throat.

Dan Nan Xing: Clearing and resolving heat-phlegm, extinguishing wind and relieving convulsions.

Jiang Can: Extinguishing wind to relieve spasm, dispelling wind and alleviating pain, resolving phlegm and dissipating accumulation.

Quan Xie: Extinguishing wind to relieve spasm, counteracting toxic pathogen and dissipating nodulation, unblocking collateral to alleviate pain.

Tian Zhu Huang: Clearing and resolving heat-phlegm, clearing heart and relieving convulsions.

The Effect of 七珍丹


Clear heat and dispel wind, relax the bowels, relieve convulsion and resolve phlegm.


Indigestion, overeating, abdominal mass, constipation, abdominal pain, infantile convulsions, cough with excessive phlegm.