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Zisheng Yin

The Prescription of Zisheng Yin


The book Gu Jin Yi Jian



Dang Gui: Tonifying blood and regulating menstruation.

Chuan Xiong and Bai Zhi: Dispersing wind-cold pathogens, relieving arthralgia due to pathogenic dampness, promoting the flow of Qi and blood.

Yi Mu Cao: Activating blood and regulating menstruation, promoting diuresis and dissolving edema, clearing heat and removing toxicity.

Huo Ma Ren: Moistening intestines for relaxing bowels.

Zhi Qiao: Promoting the flow of qi, soothing chest and middle energizer, relieving distention.

The Effect of Zisheng Yin


Promote the flow of qi, activate blood and alleviate pain.


Difficult labour.


Decoct in water for oral dose to be taken on empty stomach.