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Zi Zheng San


  1. 紫正散

The Prescription of Zi Zheng San


The book Chong Lou Yu Yao



Xi Xin: Relieving exterior and dispelling cold, dispelling wind to alleviate pain, opening nasal orifice, warming lung and relieving cough.

Fang Feng: Dispersing wind pathogen to relieve exterior syndrome, working together with Jing Jie to strongly dispel wind pathogen by diaphoresis.

Jing Jie: Dispelling wind and releasing exterior.

Zi Jing Pi: Activating blood, stimulating the flow of menstruation, resolving swelling and removing toxicity.

The Effect of Zi Zheng San


Relieve exterior syndrome, expel wind, resolve swelling and alleviate pain.


Sore throat, constipation, fever with headache, difficulty in micturition, dark urine, aversion to cold.