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Zhi yong shang method

Zhi yong shang method is to use medicines of clearing heat, make carbuncle easy to cure.

1.Wai yang therapy

Outer sores include carbuncles, ulcer, deep-rooted boil, erysipelas. Cause of ulcer can be the six external factors which cause diseases, seven emotions, or external injuries.

The therapies can be generally divided into three according to the disease process—xiao method, tuo method, bu method. Xiao method is applied to the ulcer that has not pus, and can make it eliminated; Tuo method is used for middle period of the ulcer; Bu method is used for later period, aimed at replenishing qi to promote tissue regeneration. As for external treatment, apply, stick plaster and needle surgery are often used. These two methods are usually implemented in unity.

Take ulcer as an example, any excess Yang syndrome, early treatment should be clearing heat, prescription such as The Prescription of Xianfang Huoming Yin, The Prescription of Yinhua Jiedu Tang. Different parts of occur positions lead to various therapies. For example, upper part(head, face, neck) treatment should be dispelling wind and heat, prescription such as The Prescription of Niubang Jieji Tang; Middle part(chest, abdomen, back) treatment should detoxicate, dan zhi The Prescription of Xiaoyao San, The Prescription of Huanglian Jiedu Tang;For lower part (lower limbs) sores, The Prescription of Wushen Tang, The Prescription of Longdan Xiegan Tang are two choices.

2.Nei yong therapy

Carbuncle occured in zang-fu organs are called inner carbuncle. It can be the lungs, liver, stomach, intestines. On the clinical syndrome differentiation, syndromes can be subdivided into heat、cold、deficiency and excess, pus or no pus. As for the treatment, apocenosis and detumescence are main purposes.

Take lungs and intestines as examples, The Prescription of Weijing Tang is good for clearing lungs and resolving phlegm, stasis drainage. The Prescription of Dahuang Mudan Tang treats detumescence and those have no pus, The Prescription of Yiyi Fuzi Baijiang San is used for detumescence and those have pus.