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Zhenggu Zijin Dan

The Prescription of Zhenggu Zijin Dan


The book Yi Xue Jin Jian



Raw Gan Cao: Clearing heat and removing toxicity, alleviating pain.

Fu Ling: Inducing tranquilization and promoting diuresis.

Mu Xiang: Soothing the liver and regulating qi, harmonizing the spleen and stomach to alleviate pain.

Ding Xiang: Warming the stomach, dispelling pathogenic cold, checking the upward adverse flow of Qi.

Dan Pi and Shao Yao: Removing blood stasis and clearing away heat.

Dang Gui and Hong Hua: Activating blood flow to remove blood stasis, subduing swelling and relieving pain.

Xue Jie: Dispelling stasis and alleviating pain, stopping bleeding and promoting tissue regeneration.

Er Cha: Activating blood and curing trauma, stopping bleeding, promoting regeneration and healing wound.

Shu Da Huang: Activating blood and dispelling blood stasis.

Lian Zi: Tonifying the spleen to check diarrhea, tonifying the kidney and securing essence, treating leukorrhagia, nourishing the heart and inducing tranquilization.

The Effect of Zhenggu Zijin Dan


Activate blood and promote the flow of qi, resolve swelling and alleviate pain.


Traumatic injury, blood stasis, all kinds of pain.


All the drugs are ground into very fine powder. The powder is added on the affected part.


It is contraindicated to pregnant women.