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Zhachan Tang

The Prescription of Zhachan Tang


The book You You Xin Shu Shi Yi



Zha Chan: Clear heat and relieve convulsion.

Shi Gao: Clear heat and purge fire.

Ma Huang: Induce sweating and release exterior.

Zhi Gan Cao: Invigorate the spleen and stomach, temper the actions of all the other ingredients.

Chai Hu and Sheng Ma: Release exterior and bring down a fever.

Zhi Mu: Clear heat and purging fire, moisten dryness.

She Tui: Dispel wind, , induce tranquilization.

Huang Qin: Clear heat and remove toxicity.

Da Huang and Zhi Zi: Purge fire, clear heat and remove toxicity.

Long Chi: Clear heat, relieve restlessness, relieve convulsion and induce tranquilization.

Ge Gen: Remove pathogenic heat from the exterior, ascend the Qi of the spleen and stomach.

Gou Teng: Extinguish wind and relieve convulsion, clear liver heat.

The Effect of Zhachan Tang


Infantile high fever.


Decoct all the drugs in 700 ml water with 240 ml Zhu Li for oral dose to be taken.