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Zanhua Xueyu Dan

The Prescription of Zanhua Xueyu Dan


The book Jing Yue Quan Shu



Gou Qi: Nourishing liver and kidney yin, supplementing blood and essence.

Xiao Hui Xiang: Dispelling cold and alleviating pain, regulating qi and harmonizing the stomach.

Shu Di: Tonifying blood, nourishing yin of liver and kidney, supplementing essence.

He Tao Ren, Ba Ji, Rou Cong Rong, Tu Si Zi and Du Zhong: Tonifying the kidney and strengthening yang, securing essence.

Dang Gui: Tonifying blood and activating blood, regulating menstruation.

Lu Jiao Jiao and Shou Wu: Tonifying blood and supplementing essence.

Fu Ling: Inducing diuresis and draining dampness, invigorating the spleen and inducing tranquilization.

Ren Shen: Powerfully reinforcing original qi, tonifying zang-organ qi, promoting the generation of body fluid to alleviate thirst.

Xue Yu: Astringing to stop bleeding.

The Effect of Zanhua Xueyu Dan


Tonify qi and blood, supplement essence, invigorate the spleen and kidney.


Impotence, barrenness, qi and blood deficiency, premature graying of hair, thin and weak body.


All the drugs are ground into fine powder. The powder is made with honey into pills. 6~9 g of the pills is taken each time on empty stomach.