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Yueju Baohe Wan

The Prescription of Yueju Baohe Wan



Xiang Fu: Regulating qi and relieving depression.

Mu Xiang: Promoting the flow of qi and regulating the spleen and stomach.

Cang Zhu: Drying dampness and strengthening the spleen.

Bing Lang and Shen Qu: Promoting digestion and removing stagnation, regulating qi and harmonizing the stomach.

Chuan Xiong: Activating blood and dissipating stasis, promoting the flow of qi to alleviate pain.

Zhi Zi: Purging fire and relieving restlessness.

The Effect of Yueju Baohe Wan


Soothe the liver and relieve depression, stimulate the appetite and promote digestion.


Indigestion, abdominal distension, qi stagnation.


6 g is taken each time, 1~2 times a day.