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Yong Tu method

  1. 涌吐法
  2. 湧吐法

Emetic remedies

Emetic remedies, is to Use the drugs of emetic properties to remove hazardous substances in throat, chest, diaphragm and stomach, functions of eliminating sputum, indigestion in the stomach, or food poison are significant.

  • Excess syndrome emetic method

Apply to those who suffer from sickness in chest and throat. Common drugs as Muskmelon Pedicel, Black False Hellebore, Gleditsia Sinensis, Muskmelon Pedicel powder. Representative prescription is San Sheng San.

  • Deficiency syndrome emetic method

Treatment of deficiency syndromes should not be vomit, while phlegm blocked the upper body, left only vomit can cure the disease, for example a prescription of Lu yin can solve. In addition, stimulation by your fingers on the throat, or stir the throat with a goose feather dipped with china wood oil, are all emetic practices.

Emetic method is an emergency choice, if used properly the efficiency is obvious, while misused will consume qi in body. For those weak, one should use with caution, so did hemorrhage and pregnant people.

After vomiting, one should regulate stomach Qi, you can have some porridge, or other liquid food, because the body is now terribly lack of water, of which fluid food can make up. One can not have greasy or fried food, preventing the recurrence of the disease which hurts the qi much more.