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  1. 迎香
  2. LI20

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Yingxiang(LI20, 迎香) is an acupuncture point in the meridian named Yangming Large Intestine Meridian of Hand. Yingxiang is the main point for nose disease.


Ying, to meet; xiang, fragrance.
This point is at either side of the nose. It is used to treat disorders of the nose to improve the sense of smell, to enable the nose to "sense fragrance".


In the nasolabial groove, 0.5cun from the midpoint of the lateral border of ala nasi.


  • (1). main point for diseases of the nose, such as stuff Yenning nose, poor sense of smell, etc.
  • (2). to treat facial paralysis or spasm.


  • (1). puncture horizontally in the direction of the nose
  • (2). puncture obliquidly in the direction of Sibai point 0.5~0.8cun.
  • (3). Better not to use direct moxibustion in this area.