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Xie Xia method

One method to use drugs that have purgation functions, eliminating indigestion, clear excess heat, draining retained fluid is Xie Xia Fa. Due to the differences on severity and course of the disease, the usage can be different.

1.Han Xia Fa(Cold purgation)

This method is to treat inner heat, excess syndrome, drain dry excrement, cleanse excess heat. Commonly used drugs as rhubarb and mirabilite, etc. If the body have retained fluid, preferable choice is to use cathartic prescription, along with hydragogue method, such as Euphorbia Kansui, Knoxia Root, Semen Pharbitidis.

2.Wen Xia Fa(warm purgation)

This is to treat zang fu organs and other inner cold diseases. Commonly prescription is to combine purgation drugs with Radix Aconiti Lateralis Praeparata, Herba Asari, Rhizoma Zingiberis, representative prescription is the Prescription of Dahuang Fuzi Tang.

3.Run Xia Fa(Tonifying)

This method is to lubricate the intestinal canal so as to treat constipation. If pathological factors affected the body fluids or the original body contains excess heat, then the intestines and stomach are dry, leading to the constipation. The preferably therapy is by tonifying and purgation. Common drugs as semen cannabis, almond, Radix Paeoniae Alba, used with Radix et Rhizoma Rhei.


Sometimes, purgation can lead to deficiency of healthy qi, while tonifying can make excess pathogen block up, when purgation-tonifying can be applied.

  1. If the healthy Qi lacks and dry excrement can not be drained, if one apply strong dugs, it might hurt yin fluid or lose healthy substances. This situation can apply use purgation and tonifying drugs together. One prescription is Tao’s Huang Long soup.

  2. If yin fluids have been consumed by pathological heat, and the intestines dry, also dry excrement can not be drained, then purgation and nourishing yin can be implemented. Example prescription as the Prescription of Zengye Chengqi Tang.

  3. If yin fluid was damaged, but not yet dry, one can also use tonifying yin and purgation , both to prevent yin depletion, to reach clearing heat and contragradation, prescription such as the Prescription of Dachengqi Tang.