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Wupi San


Powder of Peel of Five Drugs

  1. 五皮散

The Prescription of Wupi San


The book Hua Shi Zhong Cang Jing



Fu Ling Pi: The principal drug, being sweet and tasteless in flavor and neutral in nature, removing dampness, promoting diuresis, reinforcing the spleen to assist it in transporting and transforming food material.

Sheng Jiang Pi: Being pungent in flavor to disperse retained water.

Sang Bai Pi: Descending the lung-Qi to dredge water passages.

Da Fu Pi: Removing retained water to relieve distention and fullness.

Chen Ju Pi: Regulating the stomach-Qi and removing dampness.

The Effect of Wupi San


Removing dampness to relieve swelling, regulating the flow of Qi to strengthening the spleen.


Syndrome of abundant dampness in the superficies of the body due to deficiency of the spleen, marked by edema, heavy sensation of the body, fullness in the chest and abdomen, shortness of breath, dysuria, whitish greasy tongue coating, and deep slow pulse; including such diseases with the above symptoms as renal edema, cardiac edema, pregnant edema and angioneurotic edema.


All the drugs are ground into coarse powder. 9 g of the powder is decocted in water for the decoction to be taken warm each time, twice daily. The drugs may also be directly decocted in water for oral use.