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Wen Li Hui Yang method

This method is to use warm nature medicines to expel cold, enhance the yang. The cold syndromes are all being attacked by cold or emerging the cold from inner body, what have been discussed here is mostly ways to cure inner cold.

1.Wen zhong qu han method(Expelling cold within warm)

This is the method of treatment for the cold in middle part of the body. Spleen and stomach b
elong to the of the upper part of the body, functioning transporting and transforming, if Yang deficiency and cold appear, then tiredness, cold limbs, poor appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal distension, acid taste in mouth, white tongue coating, unconsciously dry mouth syndromes.

The commonly used medicines are combination of warming and tonifying the spleen, such as gan jiang, wu zhu yu, chuan jiao, sheng jiang, ren shen, bai zhu, gan cao, etc. Representative is the Prescription of Lizhong Wan. If it is extremely cold in middle part of the body, pain in abnomen,then the Prescription of Da Jianzhong Tang is a nice choice; If the stomach has deficiency cold, the Prescription of Wuzhuyu Tang is preferable.

2.Hui yang jiu ni method(saving yang qi)

This is using big dose of warm property drugs to save yang qi from being diminished. When the patient emerged symptoms of yang wane into asthenia, excessive yin in body and cold limbs, vomiting, weak pulse turning into nothing, etc; this time helper should use big dose of warm medicine such as fu zi, gan jiang, rou gui, etc. Representatives are The Prescription of Sini Tang, The Prescription of Huiyang Jiuji Tang.