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Wandai Tang


Decoction for Morbid Leukorrhea

  1. 完带汤
  2. 完帶湯

The Prescription of Wandai Tang


The book Fu Qing Zhu Nv Ke



Bai Zhu, Cang Zhu, Ren Shen, Shan Yao and Gan Cao: Invigorating Qi, strengthening the spleen, removing dampness, arresting leukorrhagia.

Bai Shao, Chen Pi and Chai Hu: Nourishing the liver and elevating the clear Yang.

Che Qian Zi: Removing pathogenic dampness by inducing diuresis.

Hei Jie Sui: Dispelling pathogenic wind-dampness to cure morbid leukorrhea.

The Effect of Wandai Tang


Tonifying the middle-Jiao to strengthen the spleen, removing dampness to arrest leukorrhagia.


Syndrome due to deficiency of the spleen, depression of the liver-Qi and dampness flowing downward, marked by clear odorless whitish or light-yellowish leukorrhea, puffy and pale complexion, lassitude, loose stools, pale tongue with whitish coating, slow or soft weak pulse; including leukorrhagia with the above symptoms caused by chronic inflammation of the reproductive system.


Decocted in water for oral dose to be taken twice.