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Tie Di Wan

The Prescription of Tie Di Wan



Feng Huang Yi: Nourishing yin to clear away the lung heat.

Qing Guo: Clearing lung and relieving sore throat, promoting the secretion of saliva and removing toxicity.

Jie Geng: Ventilating the lung, dispelling phlegm, relieving sore throat.

Fu Ling: Inducing diuresis and draining dampness, invigorating the spleen.

Gua Lou Pi: Moistening the lung and resolving phlegm, moving qi and soothing the chest.

Mai Dong: Removing dryness from the lung.

Xuan Shen: Clearing heat and cooling blood, purging fire, removing toxicity, nourishing yin for lowering fire.

He Zi: Astringing intestine to check diarrhea, astringing lung to check cough, relieving sore throat.

Zhe Bei Mu: Clearing and resolving heat-phlegm, dissipating nodulation and curing abscess.

The Effect of Tie Di Wan


Moisten the lung and relieve sore throat, promote the secretion of body fluid and relieve thrist.


Sore throat, hoarseness, chronic pharyngitis, acute laryngitis.


It is contraindicated in case of spicy food.