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Tai Ji

  1. 太极
  2. 太極

Black part in tai ji refers to yin, white pot in clack refers to yang within yin; while white stands for yang and black pot in white means yin within yang. The circle of tai ji refers to “one”, representing the universe and infinities.

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Tai ji quan is one of the Chinese manly arts and the quintessence of a country. On May the 20th, tai ji quan was listed as one of the first tier intangible cultural heritage. Tai ji quan is regarded as one way to prolong life and remain healthy. Different kinds of changing and transmission are all expressed within tai ji quan. Move and still, fast and slow, up and down, ahead and forward, in sight and out of sight, are perfectly conveyed through tai ji. What you’ve thought and even the tiniest actions can be controlled by oneself.

Tai ji quan is also categorized as physical and also national competition program. The character of its movements is as continuous running water that tai ji was once called“chang quan”which represents long and successive.

Healthy Tai ji

Tai ji quan plays heart and body healthy and energetic at the same time and that’s why plenty of men treat it as daily routine. Tai ji brings people not only strong body but a delighted mood which stimulates the potential talent and insights. Tai ji in China is accordance with both Chinese and foreign medical theories and is amazing on its effects.

Morning exercise of Tai ji

Popularization of Tai ji within recent years is due to its curative effects of illness. Various researches from medical, physiological, biochemical, anatomy, psychological and mechanical domains have been implemented, proving that tai ji, have remarkable effects on preventing falling down, high blood pressure, heart disease, lungs illness, hepatitis, arthropathy, gastroenteropathy, neurasthenia, tracheitis and so on.

morning exercise
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The only appropriate site for Tai ji exercise is a place of quiet and nature. And this makes the brain free and relaxed. Then he can remember the movements and gestures. With long time exercise, the practicers are able to follow the whole movements and concentrate on only one thing, which is good for brain. On other facets, Tai ji requires “QI cheng dan tian”which means using abdominal breath to increase air amount and depth, so as to accumulate blood circulation and improve body breathe functioning.

Current situation around the world

Simply in Beijing, hundreds of Tai ji quan instruction centers are widely established in places as parks, streets, stadiums and even more, which drives a great deal of fans. Departments as sanitation, education and sports launch Tai ji as important project and millions of books and magazines have been published.

tai ji sword
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It is warmly welcomed in other regions such as:Europe, southeast Asia, Japan, etc. Many countries even opened up unions of Tai ji quan and communicated with China frequently.

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